FREE Online Seminar About Reef Ecology

From Deep Sea News:

A new online seminar on coral reef futures sponsored by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies provides about 100 examples in a set of FREE online lectures given by a parade of stars like Terry Hughes, John Pandolfi, and Bob Steneck. It's like a dream course in reef ecology from the comfort of your own home. The only thing lacking is a printable diploma!

Topics covered by the online seminars include:

* The latest science on coral bleaching
* The rising plague of coral disease
* Coral reefs under climate change
* Managing resilience of coral reefs
* The risks of ocean acidification
* Protecting sea water quality from activity on land
* Are the new no-take 'green zones' on the Great Barrier Reef effective?
* Can fish stocks on the Great Barrier Reef be replenished?
* The threat to reef sharks and other top predators
* Tracking Nemo - studies on how coral fish larvae disperse.

To view the presentations go to:

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