Another Awesome Kenyan Wildlife Blog

As a marine ecologist I have a serious fascination for terrestrial ecology blogs, and I've stumbled across another stunner - Notes From Kenya. It's a blog written by Michigan State University students in the Holekamp Lab, about their experiences in Kenya as they research spotted hyenas in the field.

Source: Brittany Gunther at Notes From Kenya

Brittany Gunther took this amazing photo last week of a fight between a group of spotted hyenas and a lioness. Note the fourth hyena visible under the lion's belly! The authors are currently on the spot for the annual Wildebeest migration (see photo below) which Kimojino is also blogging over at Mara Triangle (BTW fans of wildlife blogs should also check out Mara Triangle, it's amazing. Help them out if you can too - they could use your money right now).

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